Fast track PCR test for travel (‘fit to fly’ test)

Cost: £89 MONDAY – FRIDAY – 8am till 11am only. Results back by midday the next day. Saturday and Sunday PCR testing is no longer available. If you require a PCR fast track appointment Monday to Friday please call 01202 583920 for more information.

This is the test you need if you’re travelling abroad and need a Fit to Fly certificate to show you do not have Covid-19 as quickly as possible. You’ll receive results the day after your test between 9am and midday. (The majority of results are sent by midday, but there is a small possibility that your sample may require a re-test at the laboratory and this can slightly delay your result.)

Please ensure you select the appropriate appointment to allow enough time to receive your results and for them to be valid within the required window of your departure time (or destination arrival time if applicable).

For more information, please click on the Arrange Call Back button or call 01202 583920

Tests are available between 8am and 11am, Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday Service test are no longer available. 

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How it works

  1. Payment will be collected on arrival at our test site.
  2. Our swab practitioner will carry out the test while you remain safely seated in your car.
  3. At 11.10am on the same day, the swab samples are couriered to our partner laboratory (one of the world’s leading testing labs).
  4. A test result certificate will be emailed and sent by text to you any time between 9am and midday on the day after your test.

Please do not eat/drink anything or chew gum at least 30 minutes before having your swab taken.

Inconclusive tests

On rare occasions swab tests give inconclusive results, after which the lab automatically retests your swab. A retest normally produces a successful result, but could delay your result by a few hours.

Invalid results

On very rare occasions, a person’s swab sample will be tested several times at the lab and still have an inconclusive result, meaning a second swab test will be needed. However, the invalid rate is just 0.2%.

The tests we use

The tests we use are manufactured by VIASURE and approved by the Department of Health, CE IVD marked and certified to ISO 13485.

What if you test positive

Immediately isolate yourself to prevent spreading the virus. Contact the NHS on 111 to get advice on what to do next.

What your result document shows

  • The laboratory logo, name and contact details
  • Our clinic name and address
  • Your name and date of birth
  • Date and time the swab was taken
  • Date the laboratory finished processing the results
  • A unique lab reference number
  • A “Negative” or “Positive” result
  • Authorisation signature and stamp from a doctor
  • Passport number