Below are a selection of common questions around COVID-19 testing. If you need further assistance then please do contact us.

Yes, and the two laboratories that we use are UKAS-accredited. Our UKAS number is 22185

We are open as follows:

Mon and Fri: 8.30AM – 3PM

Tue – Thurs: 8.30AM – 4pm

Sat: 9.30AM – 1.00PM


Our address is: Unit 106, Viscount Road, Aviation Park West, Christchurch, Near Bournemouth Airport, BH23 6NW.

We are located behind Bournemouth Airport on a large industrial estate. Your booking confirmation email will contain a link to the above address and a map of where we are. Please use Google Maps (rather than a Sat Nav, which can take you to the wrong location).

The Booking Process

We offer RT-PCR (commonly referred to as ‘PCR’) and lateral flow tests (rapid antigen) for the following reasons:

  • Travel (‘Fit To Fly’),
  • Day 2 for unvaccinated UK arrivals,
  • Workplace, pre-operation/medical appointments,
  • Peace of mind for those who are symptomatic.

This depends on the country that you are travelling to/from, or on your employer/doctor/hospital.

It is your responsibility to find out which test you need – for travel, you can do this via www.gov.uk or your travel provider. Rules can and do change at the last minute (age and vaccination status can also be determining factors) and whilst we can point you in the right direction, we cannot tell you which test you need. 

You can book a test in any of the following 3 ways:

  • For PCR tests, we offer a Fast-Track PCR service Monday to Friday (8AM – 11AM): £89 results by midday next day
  • For lateral flow tests (8AM – 1.30PM Mon and Fri / 8AM – 2.30PM Tue to Thurs / 8am – 11.30am Saturday): £39 with same day results

* Travellers to Hong Kong require a PCR test from a specific UKAS-accredited laboratory (TDL – UKAS number 8059 / ISO number 15189) – we can arrange this at a cost of £99, with results expected within 36 hours) Monday to Friday. If you required a test at the weekend there will be a courier charge, please call 01202 583920 for more information.

For PCR and lateral flow tests, you pay on the day of your test when you arrive at the drive-through test centre.

We accept cash and all credit/debit cards, except for American Express.

For Day 2 tests, you book the test online and pay at the time of booking. This is because a Day 2 test is a government-mandated test which must be prepaid. Should you wish to cancel your Day 2 test, we will refund you.

Please contact us directly if you need to make a large booking and we can advise you further.

If your test has already been performed, we cannot offer a refund.

Fast-Track PCR tests (8AM – 11AM Monday to Friday); you will receive your results by noon the following day.

Lateral flow test/Day 2 (8AM – 1.30PM Mon and Fri / 8AM – 2.30PM Tue-Thurs / 8AM – 11.30AM Sat): you will receive your results on the same day by 2.15PM Mon and Fri / 3.15PM Tue to Thurs / 12:15pm Sat

You will receive a text message and an email – both will contain a link to your downloadable PDF certificate, which contains all the information you require. Please check this certificate carefully to make sure all your details are correct; if they are not, contact us on the designated results number 07789 649504.

Please always check your junk/spam folders.

You will be given a “time window” by www.gov.uk or your travel provider (e.g. 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 96 hours or more), as per the government restrictions for the country you are visiting. This “time window” could be for arrival or departure so please check. Please ensure that you book your test within the correct “time window” so that your certificate is valid for your departure or arrival.

Yes, and we do not charge a cancellation fee. Please try to let us know as much in advance as possible if you need to change, postpone or cancel your appointment.

We are in close contact with our laboratories daily and will send your results as soon as we receive them. If you have not received your results in the time-frame we have given you, please call our dedicated results line on 07789 649504 – this phone is manned from 8.30AM – 3PM Mon and Fri / 8.30AM – 4PM Tues – Thurs / 8.30AM – 1PM Sat. Alternatively, you can email us at info@dpgpcovidtesting.co.uk.

No, as we need to check your personal and travel details prior to your arrival for your test. Our tests are booked in 5-minute timeslots so to secure one of those timeslots, please visit our website, email or phone us to book your test.

We ask you to come as close to your appointment time as possible, although we understand that traffic can affect your journey time. Appointment lists are printed three times a day – if you are early and not yet on our next printed list, you are welcome to park/wait onsite or return at your appointment time. Please be respectful of the fact that our swab practitioners and staff also have administration work to do and will not be able to swab between the designated times of 11AM – 11:20AM daily / 12:00PM – 12:30PM Mon and Fri /  12.30PM – 1PM Tues – Thurs.

If you are late, that is usually not a problem, although for PCR tests we cannot ask our courier to wait beyond 11:10AM (Fast-Track) Monday to Friday. Please let us know if you are going to be late, so we know if/when to expect you.

Yes, the test will detect all types of the COVID-19 virus.

The Day of Your Test

Please bring your passport and a method of payment.

You are free to cycle, walk or take the bus.

No, we operate as a private drive-through test centre, so please come to us where our fully trained swab practitioner will perform the test for you whilst you remain in your car.

Please do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for at least 30 minutes before your appointment. Doing so may result in what is called an ‘inhibitor’ in the sample and may cause in an inconclusive result.

The test does not hurt but can feel abnormal – it takes less than 30 seconds. Our swab practitioners are highly trained and gentle. They will explain the process to you, answer any questions and ensure that you are comfortable.

No, I’m afraid not. Our swab practitioner is trained to perform the test to the highest standard and manufacturer’s guidelines. Allowing you to perform the test yourself means we cannot guarantee a clear negative or positive result and may therefore cause in an inconclusive result. Please do not worry – our swab practitioner will be very gentle.

We can suggest a variety of things, but it is ultimately your choice. If parents and children are being tested together, you may choose to volunteer your children first, as sometimes seeing a parent have a test first may make them more nervous. Alternatively, they may find comfort in seeing a parent go through a painless test first. Feel free to have your child sit on your lap for added comfort. Our swab practitioner will explain the test in a child-friendly manner, we will do a countdown together, and you can expect whooping and cheering from them at the end of your child’s test!