Covid-19 Doctor Recovery Letter

Everyone is different and some people clear all traces of the Covid 19 virus within a couple of weeks, but some take up to three months. This means a Covid PCR test may still come back as positive.

This can cause problems if you need a negative PCR test in order to travel abroad or attend an event/work. Some places/countries will accept the NHS Covid Recovery Pass, which you can access on the NHS app, but this is not always accepted. Some places/countries will ask for a Letter of Recovery from a doctor.

Our doctors at Dorset Private GP can provide you with this letter. The cost is £60.

Before you fill in the form below to apply for a Letter, please read the Important Information section.

Important Information

We can only send you a Recovery Letter once 10 days have passed since you had your covid  test. For example, if your test date was on the 1st of the month, then the earliest date we can issue you the Recovery Letter is the 11th of the month. Regardless of when your symptoms started, we will NOT be able to issue you a letter until the 11th day after the date of your test.

We will require you to fill in the Form below and enter your name as it appears on your passport. Please enter all the information required as accurately as possible, as this will appear on your Recovery Letter.

In the form below, we will require you to upload an attachment or photo of your Positive Covid Test result. This can be a PCR or Lateral Flow test result from the NHS, Government or a private provider. We cannot accept just a photo of a positive lateral flow test. The evidence we need to see is the acknowledgment text or email from the NHS or private provider which must include your Name, Date of Birth, Date of Test and the positive result.

Please do not fill in the form and submit your test result evidence until the 11th day after you had the test. This is because the form asks you some health questions; which you cannot answer until 10 full days has passed. Your test date is counted as day 1 and on the 11th day you can request a Recovery Letter.

Once you have filled in the form and attached your result evidence, you will then be asked to make a payment online of £60. Your form and evidence will then be sent to us for validation.

Once a doctor has validated your information, you will be emailed a PDF version of your Recovery Letter. The Recovery Letter will include your name, dob, address and passport number. It will also include the following information:

The above named patient had a POSITIVE Covid-19 test on the xx/xx/xxxx.

The covid result documentation has been inspected/checked and as of the xx/xx/xxxx; the patient does not have any symptoms and has recovered from the covid 19 infection.

Their isolation period is complete and they can resume normal activities, work and international travel.

The doctor’s name, signature, GMC Number and company stamp will be on the letter.

Please note, there is not a QR code on the letter. Some countries such as France will not accept a document without a QR code that meets their specific requirements. France will only accept an NHS generated QR code for use on their travel app.

If your form and/or evidence means that we cannot issue you a Recovery Letter, then we will contact you and refund the £60. Also, if you change your mind or your circumstances change before we have issued you with a Recovery Letter, then please contact us as soon as possible and we will reimburse you. Once a Recovery Letter has been emailed to you, we will not be able to carry out a refund.

If you need a Recovery Letter for more than one person in your group/family, please fill out a form and submit the evidence for each individual. A separate payment will need to be made for each person.

Please note, the date on the Recovery Letter, will be the date that we receive your request.

If you are using the Recovery Letter for travel, it is important that you check with the travel carrier and destination that they will accept the recovery letter. Not all countries and airlines will accept it. Dorset Private GP cannot accept any liability for a financial loss due to not being able to travel or stay at a destination.

Once we have received your information and evidence, we will either contact you or send your Recovery Letter by email within 48 hours.

If you have any questions or you have not heard back from us within 48 hours, then please call us on 01202 583920. If the phone is not answered, please leave a message and we will call you back. Alternatively, please email us at

Please complete the form if you would like a Covid-19 recovery letter.

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